Malahide has it




How is wanting to live in malahide a pretend life?


It’s just likebait in this case,


He’s seething mate. Nobody ever called the area he lives in Bel Eire.


How is it likebait?


Good luck, I hope all your dreams come true,


He’s the biggest wanker posting here tbh.



Is the Cock Tavern still going strong? I spent a great day boozing there once upon a time.


Over rated place. Not one terrace to sit out on that isn’t full of some guy farting and smoking. Only Starbucks which isn’t even in the sunlight.
Lots of mutton posh folk tarted up in expensive clothing and fake tan.
tennis and cricket clubs that have to abandon matches every second day due to the rain. Where else would you get it!




Oooooft. @The_Selfish_Giant will be seething when these home truths hit home.


Sweep sweep.


No Starbucks there


@cowpat seething that he has to live on pot noodles after paying his rent


Didn’t they give a load of punter salmonella ore something last year? Maybe it was somewhere else in Swords. I used to lunch there occasionally when I worked nearby


That was O’Dwyers in Portmarnock. It was an outside catered what done it


I remember it was outsiders alright. Was sure it was Swords. Apologies to the Cock Tavern


The caterer was from Swords


I am clean living. No palm oil shite for me.