Malahide has it


As was the deceased.


Malahide will shortly be graced with my presence. Would any of you gentlemen recommended a decent spot for a bite to eat - kids/reprobates in attendance so nothing too fauncy


They have a nice swamp on the border with Swords I’m lead to believe.


The Greenery - on the coast towards Portmarnock

Scotch Bonnet - more central and a bit more family oriented but probably more standard fare


The cafe in Kinsealy garden centre is really good for breakfast.


They’ll be lucky if I throw them a bag of crisps. I’m only bringing them for dinner so that I can get tanked. I could leave them in the car I suppose


Make sure to leave down the windows just a tad. Let the air in


Noted. I spoil them enough as it is


I hear ya. I’m just thinking of the fucking paperwork you’ll have to fill out if anything goes wrong


Dreadful advice. Scotch bonnet is a shithole. MCGoverns on the Diamond has very good lunch value. 10€. It also means you can get tanked earlier…

Be advised, restaurants in Malahide know how to charge. Kajjal, Beef and Lobster, Old town, are all pricey. But Kajjal is one of the finest Indian* restaurants you’ll ever visit.


Lunch in Siam Thai, Bento Box €10.


McGoverns :grinning:


Is it some sort of a moat or border?


Head into Fowler’s. Locate the Bayan corner. Find the biggest lad in there. Buy him a pint and thank him for his tips. Then hit him a slap in the face and tell him to stop being a child and to return to posting on here. Buy him another pint. And exit.


You are vile


Bring them over to the castle for a while and you can eat in Avoca, alternatively the grub in Donnybrook fair is good and it’s buzzy enough that the kids won’t disgrace you


Good suggestion @backinatracksuit

How old are the kids and what time will you be in.Malahide.


I think the kids are about 8 or 9. Tomorrow afternoon /early evening. @Mac I’ll hit him but he’ll stay hit for the foreseeable future. I’ll get one of the kids to do it.


Probably scotch bonnet then mate

Child friendly no frills


That’ll suit me then. Don’t know about the kids.