Malahide has it


Avoca and Donnybrook Fair, rip-off central?
Has the service in The Scotch Bonnet improved?


Head down to the horse show in the rds.


I wouldn’t have thought so, Avoca and Donnybrook fair are both reasonably priced quality food outlets, the castle also has added advantages for the kids.


Malahide Castle is owned by Limerick.


Nice food in Avoca. One meal would nearly do between 2 people. Donnybrook Fair is a pretentious overpriced supermarket.


I wouldn’t be sending him to the supermarket mate


Donnybrook Fair has the terrace. If it’s not raining or windy or cold or wet, you might be able to sit outside and pretend you’re a continental…


FYI Avoca also has a terrace.

@backinatracksuit finally settling the argument about whether teachers are overpaid by declaring Avoca and Donnybrook ‘reasonably priced’.


Seriously?? A decent meal for about 12 Euro is considered expensive?


I’m very sorry that you’ve received such poor advice here @glenshane.

Actual locals like @The_Selfish_Giant and near locals like @Juhniallio who should have intimate knowledge of village eateries squabbling, disagreeing with each other and offering no consistent recommendations.

And then an outsider in @backinatracksuit chirping in to strongly recommend generic options like Avoca or Donnybrook Fair.

Surely TFK can do better than this.


It’s like the time @labane1917 came on holidays to the culinary hotspot of Limerick and ended up raving about the curry chips he got in Supermacs.


Bearing in mind that @glenshane ate a kilo of beef and nothing else for his dinner last week I’d say a curry chips in supermacs would be considered fine dining.
A bit of wholesome grub as I recommended would do him no harm.


There is a massive social demographic difference between affluent Malahide and Portmarnock mate, of course we wouldn’t agree

On a side note,I assume avoca will be closed at 9pm


Shouldn’t @Juhniallio back the fuck off though? I was confidentially informed that he should “stick to Feltrim”.


That’s not entirely true. It was 1.02 kg.


They’re not reasonably priced, but most places in Ireland similar to them aren’t either.
Donnybrook Fair is hilarious. You can buy a packet of pasta for €4 as the packaging is in Italian, or you can go to Lidl and buy the same thing for a €1.


That’s hilarious


yes, yes he should


It is, and the MILFs buying it thinking they’re being fancy…


I’d say a Wexford lad who shat himself when he had to play 5 a side on the north side of Dublin is probably as well off lobbing grenades from his bus stop penthouse alright. When he asks where he can bring his life partner for afternoon fanny lunch we’ll be in touch.