Malahide has it


Many thanks, pal.

Where’s good for afternoon tea in Feltrim?


It’s been a while since I lived there but I’d imagine that the driving range does a good petite plus four.


Fish shack cafe??


New enough place mate,why not


No idea, never seen many people in it. There’s a pizzeria at the bottom of that road on the corner that’ll do you. Pizzas and beer/wine. What more do you want.


Best not to ask


Aaaaah. There’s a bar a few doors down from Gibneys called Wrights, known locally as Cougar Town. Middle aged Milfs and Randy Oul ones galore. Knock yourself out.


I actually was there last Friday night, a colleagues leaving drinks ended up there. Was the youngest in there by a good 10 years. Bizarre spot


What do you reckon. Ditch the Ferrari in malahide and take the train in. Save the hassle of parking in Dublin, or just drive in, exchange a kid for parking?
I’m easy either way. Which is more convenient?


I’m a regular commuter from malahide and usually get the dart into the city. Rds is grand for a few hour with kids.


Sounds good. Be an adventure for us simple country folk.


And you’ll realise how lucky you are to be in the country after your visit.