Thinking of going to Malta for a few days, anyone ever been there?

Ah loads of people have Balbec.

Yes I have been there

Would you say it’s better or worse than Lahinch?

The locals are more welcoming of outsiders and less inclined to sleep with their sisters so on the whole it’s a better place

I believe we had a correspondent on the ground during the last Maltese election

I wonder would he like to comment

I’m not very familiar with the intricacies of the Daphne Caruana Galizia case but I have a reasonable hunch that a trail of dirty Russian money is not far away from it (cc:of @Julio_Geordio)

That story is mad from start to finish. Malta sounds like a corrupt little cesspit

Cyprus too

The Cypriots are very open about having been bought and paid for to be fair to them. They aren’t even hiding it


Seems the UK, US, Russia, Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Turkey, India, the Philippines, Bolivia etc. aren’t the only places where democracy is collapsing

It seems everybody with the surname Muscat is a cunt

One of the criminals alleged to have killed Caruana Galizia is also called Muscat