Man faces court over incitement to hatred of travelers


A 27 year old man has appeared in court in Killarney as the first person in Ireland to be charged under Section 2 of the Incitement to Hatred Act over materials he published on the social networking website Facebook.

Mr Patrick Kissane produced a page entitled ‘Promote the use of Knacker Babies for shark bait’, wherein he suggested:

“Instead of using animals for shark bait, they could use knack babies.

“Also as food at feeding time in the zoo.

“And for testing new drugs for viruses”.

In the sitting at Killarney Courthouse, he appeared on a charge of “actions likely to stir up hatred”.

The case has been adjourned for directions from the Director of Public Prosecutions and will recommence on July 19.

Pavee Point was a primary complainant in the case and involved the Garda Racial and Intercultural Office from the outset. Evidence to support the prosecution has been gathered from a number of sources and collated by the editor of Changing Ireland, the in-house magazine for community development projects in Ireland.


I thought Tin Tin was from Ballysteen?


Some fellas on here would want to watch what they say in future.


Art Foley is bricking it as we speak.


pfft, pavee pointless.

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When you’re loading a pile of dead babies into the back of a tipper trailer, a four-prong fork works just as well on one dead baby as the next, I don’t know why you’d want to bring race or creed etc into it. That’s just wrong.


Your man in the photo has a big travellers head on him anyway, I’d suggest it was an inside job but that would require knacks having the required brain power and opposable thumbs to use a computer.


There’s no way he’s 27 either, he looks 17 at the most.


Does this mean we can’t state the opinion that travellers are dirty, inbred, thieving, law-dodging cunts any more?
I despair for this country, I really do.

For the record, it is my opinion that travellers are dirty (ever seen a clean halting site?), inbred (you never know if they’re looking at you or looking for you. If she’s not good enough for her own family, she’s not good enough for ours) thieving (anyone who denies this is either blind, thick, or has no experience of spending any time in proximity to travellers), law-dodging (try finding any traveller who has seriously transgressed the law within two days of doing so. You might as well be searching for a cow with eight tits), cunts.

That said, abusing travellers babies is not on. At least, not until they become adults.

Beeeeeeecause the greeeeeeeaaaaatessssst…

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The judge threw this case out yesterday



Back in Killarney

Killarney locals call on council to tackle ‘crazy’ feud (via @IrishTimes)


Fuck pavee point- never hear the bastards when their race gets caught robbing/ defrauding/ assaulting/ why not? They are a sick crowd of shysters