Managerial Merrygoround Thread



Hope you get better soon mate


Seeing as foreign managers have proved they can do same this is flawed. Did they look at their playing list? They don’t have a squad to go with Moyes system/style.

The english are extremely sensitive about their coaching, managers and also the race issue with managers with so little black coaches within clubs. And then foreign lads coming in and making it look easy (ier, its never easy).




Hadn’t realised that Chris Coleman had taken the Sunderland job. 6 months ago he was being linked with EPL jobs. Sunderland are likely to be league one rather than premier league in the near future looking at their team


20 Home games without a win :joy:


Pulis gone.


At this stage Sunderland probably need to go down to League one. Rip the club apart and start again because they seems to be stuck in a serious rot.
Moyes is on track to repeat the trick at West Ham by the looks of it.


McClean 1 - Pulis 0


Until Pulis gets the Irish job of course.


Its the weirdest managerial move i can remember


Who will Pulis take over and save from relegation later on this season?

Swansea? West Ham?


As a proud Welsh man I can see him taking over at Paul Clement’s hapless Swansea mate.


And saves what ever club at the expense of west brom.


West Brom could do with him.


Never knew you were Welsh, mate.


He’s a welsh national


It’s bad for a gambler to let it be known he’s a Welsh.


Team isn’t as bad as league position indicates, just are woefully short on confidence. Scoring plenty of goals too, but can’t defend for shit. I thought Grayson would be able to organise things defensively but it’s been absolutely shambolic at times.

If Coleman can get any bit of structure and organisation, he’ll pick up a few wins. Will have practically no money though, and there’s a couple of bad eggs there who probably need to be shifted.

I wouldn’t be totally convinced by Coleman tbh, but hopefully he can at least improve the defensive setup. Can’t get any worse at this stage.


Norn Iron have offered Mick O Neill a 6 year deal.

Its like panicking when your girlfriend starts talking about taking a break and you drunkenly propose in the local chipper after the pub one night.