Managerial Merrygoround Thread


And in his case, then drive home


I missed this one.

Congrats @Copper_pipe


They’ll be in a worse position than us when he leaves, Norn Iron was only a stepping stone for Irish Mick


What would be the attraction of Scotland over the northern eastern part of Ireland?


He lives in Scotland.


You may as well manage actual Scots rather than a bunch of people who think they are Scots I suppose.


More money, he lives there and he’d be working on the mainland


@Chucks_Nwoko what’s the craic with the Socceroos manager jumping ship ?

I’d say Big Sam would love the job


It’s been coming a while. A lot of wankology going on behind the scenes throughout a troubled campaign.

@Loko_Cove probably knows more. He still wears his Socceroos jersey around Lucan.


He only had a contract up until the end of the qualifying campaign. His press conference after qualification was bizarre for a man up had just qualified. He knew his time was up and jumped ship before he was sacked


Surely it was to be extended pending qualification? Was dropping Mooy anything to do with it? Players didn’t fancy him?


Would he wear it to the horses?


Horse fair?


He had lost the plot. Had to go.


Was the plot not to qualify or something?


He wasn’t going to be sacked Loko.
He’s had a dummy spit as he thought the meeja and his former cronies now commentators would give him a free pass and laud him for his innovative tactics like three at the back and dropping the teams best player.
More likely that he has a gig lined up in China and he didn’t want to see any future employment prospects adversely affected by the Socceroos losing all three group games in the WC.
All in all it’s pretty pathetic.
However much the players have been confused up to now, they must be freaking out after this
7 months to the WC, they don’t play again until March.
There’s only one man for the job and @Loko_Cove and @Chucks_Nwoko ain’t going to be happy about it.


Is the big man going to get a second chance?


back to the roar hopefully


It’s got to be Arnie.
The alternative is the guy who actually wants the job, but no one wants him. The war criminal known as Kevin Muscat.


Not a hope.