Managerial Merrygoround Thread


A former juventus manager currently in London perhaps?


There goes Big Sam.


A class act


The stars are aligning


Fuck the FA, and fuck the tabloids, Sam had his dream job and they took it from him over a silly harmless meeting. Hard not feel sorry for him.


Fair play to him. Rebuilds his reputation in six months and walks away with a two million bonus.


Yep, thats all he wanted to do I guess. Wont make up for the what might have beens.

It would no doubt have ended in tears eventually, but at least he would have had the chance.


There’s obviously another big scandal about to break on Sam or else he has a gig lined up.

No way that fat, greedy, bulldog-jowelled cunt walks away from a few bob that easily.


He announced a pre season friendly at Limerick the other day .


+1 it’s all very sudden. He was talking about signings last week. He’s clearly fucked up again the crooked fat cunt


The terms of his contract with Palace prevent him from joining another club for two years.


We’ll see about that.


Big Sam would do well to read the Tony pulis judgement. Parrish is not a man to be fucked with.


Garry Monk has resigned as Leeds United manager.


:fearful: :scream::cry:


Off to the EPL no doubt


See the degenerate gamblers thread for details.


He would be good for the Palace.


Valverde about to be announced as manager of Barca


That French golfer who climbed into the pond?

Thats from leftfield.