Manchester fans 1- man utd fans 0

That Manure Fan Who Threw A Coin At Bellamy

Red Devils supporter Adam Teese is feeling the flipside of his alleged coin attack - with furious City fans bombarding his house with pranks.

Adam’s name and address were released by police after the season ticket holder was charged with throwing a coin at Bellamy during the Manchester derby last week.

And within 24 hours, the enraged blue half of Manchester had ordered him £150-worth of pizzas, a skip, rat exterminators and two prostitutes.

The barrage of jokes didn’t end there either. City supporters also:

  • Requested a visit from an Avon rep
  • Signed him up online as a rent boy
  • Applied for an Ocean Finance loan for his mum
  • Reported a gas leak in the middle of the night so he got a call out within the hour
  • Booked a rep to go and see him about getting an indoor swimming pool
  • Ordered him a 4 ft tall Bronze figurine of Winston Churchill on a
    14 day trial
  • Sent a breakdown truck
  • Sent Jehovah’s Witnesses round
  • Grassed him up for growing drugs at his house
  • Grassed him up for being a benefit cheat
  • Got him a weekend booking of a 1957 Pink Cadillac complete with 1950’s style Elvis dressed chauffer
  • Signed up his phone number to receive adult chat
  • Ordered him a Daffy Duck bouncy castle and puppet show for his garden
  • Ordered squeaky the clown to go and perform for him

that may be the funniest thing you have ever posted!!

Ah lovely. :smiley:

Fella should have got a medal for throwing the coin at that scumbag Bellamy.

It’s a pity there wasn’t a grenade attached to the coin.