Manchester United 18/19 - Apple and Tracksuit at it again


New stadium won’t be ready in time for that one mate. Its going to be at the neutral Empire Stadium. Advantage Man U. They love playing there and rolled us over there in the FA Cup semi final last season.


And the TFK servers


The guy that starred in the world cup final for France? That guy?


Tazdescouse only watches the EPL.


Good to see a few happy faces in Old Trafford.

Mourinho was a poisonous cunt.


Mullach prick face would support a load of cowrads who for the first have of the season lay down and shat on the ckub jersey. They should be ashamed of themselves.


What was the score?




They conceded to Bournemouth? Jaysus


:rofl::rofl: rattled as fuck, off to the murderers thread with you.


Ah the last bastion of the gobshite, throwing the auld murderers angle. Is that all ya got Mullach prick. Big yellow streak in ya just like the players at your club. Your a coward.


:rofl: step away from the internet son, before your head explodes.


Pogba stepping it up with the form that made him one of Europe’s elite players at Juve.

Clearly putting himself in the shop window as he will want to be playing champions league football next season


Getting excited because ya beat Bournemouth 4-1. Yis are a fucking joke.


Look pal, the only one getting excited is you, just apologise for the Pogba comment and we’ll say no more about it.


Are ye all set for the Christmas lads?


It’s over Mike
Planning starting for Christmas 2019


It’s all kicking off. Man U v Liverpool - the biggest rivalry in Eire sport.


Ole is a gent. Good to see Mike Phelan back as well.