Manchester United 18/19 - Apple and Tracksuit at it again


Sitting at opposite ends of the bar in the Swan in Curragha staring each other out of it.




Least you could do is spell the name correctly.




Sure it’s no worse than following a club founded by a prominent member of The Orange Order.




From the biggest football supporter in Eire sport


@chocolatemice you’re awful rattled by Man Uniteds apparent resurgence for a lad who complains about soccer a lot.


I’m rattled?? WTf?


Don’t worry mate, the better teams will pick them asunder no matter how good they are going forward, be interesting to see the reactions of the pundits then.


Of all the people he calls out as rattled :smile:


You’re rattled to within an inch of your e life


I’ve just about pulled myself together… Another utd win could send me over the edge.


Glad to see the poison that was Jose Mourinho removed. At least Solskjaer is letting the team play some attacking football. Ill reserve judgement till I see them play a decent team. The defence needs sorting. I hope they move on a few in the next few windows. Its amazing that the likes of Young, Smalling and Jones have outlasted 3 permanent managers since Ferguson.

Happy new year to all on the TFK. Cant promise ill be hanging around




In the ‘e’ meaning of the word mate


You manc Bastard.


No, no, no…you’ve taken me up wrong bro. How can I get back in your good books?


You’re always in the good books bud.


You’re almost a danger to yourself