Manchester United 18/19 - Apple and Tracksuit at it again


Top class punch there by De Gea from the last corner.


Great win. Ole has done some job.


Lads, it’s Tottenham.


I’m overjoyed for you pal. This must be special


Wolverhampton Wanderers got a better result at Wembley a couple of weeks back .
Tottenham have no real pace up front .


Rashford gets one difficult chance and buries it. Kane gets at least five easier chances and fluffs all of them.
No contest, Rashford > Kane.


Not really, it’s Tottenham.


Some performance from de gea


Nice to see United do Liverpool a favour.
Hopefully Ole get’s it full time. it’ll inevitably turn into a disaster.


You’re keeping a level head, credit to you. But this is a seminal moment


At least United can build an attack around martial, rashford and pogba.


Ole Ole some turn around, solskjaer deserves massive credit.


he should have been appointed 5 years ago


I pretty much called this turnaround but I wouldn’t be appointing ole yet. United were poor in the second half but he has instilled some bit of pride and coherence to the team again. Lindelof was very good I thought. You still need to gut that team all the same. Shaw can’t defend, young and Jones aren’t up to it. Herrera and matic are probably pushing on a little. Lingard isn’t good either. I’d hope dalot takes youngs spot soon. Fred isn’t getting a run either so it’s hard to see him replacing matic. Few of the academy players are highly rated so hopefully they get a run too. De gea, shaw, baily, lindelof, dalot, matic, herrera, pogba, Sanchez, rashford and martial would be decent till the end of the season. Can switch from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3 fairly easy too.


Sanchez had a nervous breakdown, he’ll never play again.


Well done kid.



It appears #FlowersOfManchester is a thing now - trending on twitter… Supporters born 40 years after the tragedy (and born in Ireland) wearing their victim mentality like a badge of honour. Football fans are very, very strange… And the Mancs go on about those scouse cunts - they’re just as bad.


Respect the dead you cunt #flowersofmanchester


I’ve huge respect for the dead … the living on the other hand…