Manchester United 18/19 - Apple and Tracksuit at it again


It’ll be justice for the Flowers of Manchester next.


The munich air disaster was a tradegy. The scousers murdered each other and then pick pocketed the dead. A bit of difference.


Respect from a Wexford, Ireland and Celtic fan.

Rivalries mean nothing at times like this.



You’ve completely missed the point.


Will you pause for a moment of reflection at 3:10 pm or what ever time it was the tragedy happened?


So what you’re saying is that the grief process is easier if a beloved is murdered as opposed to being killed in a plane or car crash? :thinking:


Do you reckon it was really an accident?


Stop reading The Sun.


Disappointing not to see any pictures of the “contract”.

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Congratulations on winning the trophy for most goals by academy graduates, what an achievement :clap:


Where are Tottenham? Harry Kane is up at the top of the scoring charts


they’ve included 90m Paul Pogba’s goals as well. The desperation to be involved is terribly sad to see


Paul pogba is an academy graduate.


he joined from Le Havre at 16.


They fucking didn’t did they!!!


What age did he leave for Italy?


true story bro


I just had a look there — He was with Man Utd youths for 2 seasons and then had a limited year with the senior team and moved to Italy.

That’s an act of desperation to include his goals.

But there’s no denying that Man Utd’s academy is the best in the business. Liverpool need more goals from right back TAA to move them up the table.


19 I think