Manchester United 18/19 - Apple and Tracksuit at it again


Whatever became of famed Man U Youth Academy leaving cert year recruit/graduate, Federico Macheda?


Giggsy wasn’t great with the loyalty thingy .


A red-letter day.


Ominous for the rest of the league


Developed at the nited manager academy


Sense they’re about to embark on another golden age.


You’ve agreed he came through their academy. He’s part of a list of goals scored by players who came through their academy


The table was fabricated, it includes the goals of a player they paid 90 million for, their own academy player. It doesnt include Spurs because Kane has 14 on his own and it wouldn’t look as impressive. Its embarrassing, almost as embarrassing as your closet United follying.


You are very simple. I have already said that I wouldn’t count Pogba as an academy player yet you still think I’m defending Man Utd. The point is that you have contradicted yourself once again, i couldn’t care less about the table


[quote=“the_man_himself, post:830, topic:26221, full:true”] , i couldn’t care less about the table

There’s the proof that he’s no United fan @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac, Having more academy goal scorers than 4 other randomly selected clubs is huge news for all serious United fans


So whats your point, then?



He’ll win nothing after that


That’s 100% wrong


That you’re contradicting yourself again


Cult hero Mickey Thomas diagnosed with stomach cancer. :cry:


Good news for united as the 100m Academy graduate scores early


Today FM providing live coverage of proceedings at Craven Cortage. It’s a measure of how big this fixture is that they are having one of their rare 12.30 live broadcasts.


Dalot is another find. Makings of a very decent squad now.


Incorrect. Phil Cawley is on the airwaves.

Only being streamed online