Manus Boyle - Bucko fuck

Alright MB you dipstick.

Up yours douchebag!

Does your dad still suck off donkeys???

You wankhole cunt.

Hurry up wobbly cock

Big man, always trying to get a rise out of people.

Attention seeking, potatoe shagger.

Your ma blows goats

scum bag, boyle

Is that that as good as it gets.
Stick to being a rent boy,i hear you’re great at it.

I also have picture of your gran naked riding a bike,wanna buy it?

It might help you blow your beans when you’re having a wank.

Typical foul mouth bogger pr1ck.

I’ll tear your head off

You couldn’t tear the head off your mickey.

Manusboyle i think you have a fan there !!! he may just be in the closet

You can fuck off too cuntbubble.

Maybe you are a fruit then Anus Boyle

And maybe you are a cocksucking,skirt wearing chimp.

Your ma makes me dress up like that when im skull fucking her all over BOYLE !!!

Talking balls
Balls talking
Testicles squawking
Spuds draining
Now its raining
Stones paining

Banter makes the world go round,your missus is a fuckin hound.

Do one weaponhead.

Both yizzer ma’s are whore.

Manus - Im going to drive down to yer gaf. Kill your younger brother when he opens the door, proceed into the kitchen where I will batter the rest of your family and tie them up. Then Im going to have anal with the corpse of your 5year old brother and when im done im going to force feed his knob to yer auld won.

Junior - Im going to drive down to your gaf in my SUV. Im going to ring the bell and batter the nurse when she answers, then Im going to go inside and batter all your other wheelchair/spastics mates. When Im done with that, im going to put the handbrake on yer wheelchair and ride that nurse. After i shoot my load inside her ass, im going to get her to climb over you and let it dribble out onto your face.

You bucko’s would want to watch your step - you are dealing with one tough American here.

I don’t have a brother will a sister do??

Wanky Doodle Dandy yeehaaaarr.

You crotch sniffer,baaaaaaaaaaaaah fuckin humbug.

[quote=“manusboyle”]I don’t have a brother will a sister do??

Wanky Doodle Dandy yeehaaaarr.

You crotch sniffer,baaaaaaaaaaaaah fuckin humbug.[/quote]

Is that the best you’ve got Manus, you cock

its all you’re worth,droopy dick hispanic that you are.

heeeeeyyyyyyyy macarena aye.

One tough american ay ?? you will probably get the wrong address and do that to the wrong family just like your armys "friendly fire " when they nail fuck out of the UN in combat !

H’up vietnam you stupid yank wankhole