Marc Wilson

Does anyone know if it’s true that Marc Wilson the Stoke and Ireland footballer is the only player in Britain not to wear a poppy on his shirt? I tried to google it but could find nothing on the subject.

Only player when?

that the lad that declared for Ireland but doesnt want to play for us. The mind boggles.

Until you find some proof this fella will remain an utter cunt, and a pretty shite one at that.

It looked like the poppies were printed onto the gear last weekend so not sure how he managed it.

He wasn’t in the Stoke squad last weekend. Last game he played was when he was hauled off before half time against Newcastle. Not sure if there were poppies on those shirts or not.

What odds Marc Wilson making the Euro 2012 squad?

I will give you 6/1

Are you not giving him much of a chance? I’d be tempted to place a wager with you at those odds but would you pay up…

Disappointed you would even ask. I am a man of my word unlike Fenwaypark

If the offer still stands i will have €60 to €10 with you on that outcome.

So to summarise:

That is €10 on Marc Wilson, currently of Stoke, making the Irish 2012 European Championships squad at odds of 6/1. It doesn’t mean he has to play a game at the Championships and should he be withdrawn due to injury or other such circumstances after the squad has been announced with him in it, the bet is still a winner. The likes of the Runt or 2RE can act as intermediaries when the bet is over, for i have no interest in meeting you in person thus revealing my true identiy…

I’ll only collect sterling.

Have you considered what happens if he’s not initially named in the squad but earns a call-up in the event of an injury to someone else? Fair to just restrict it to the first official squad submitted to UEFA.

Bets in Sterling, Paid in Sterling.

It is the initial 23 man squad. If called up as a replacement then it is a losing bet

What price would you offer me to cover the event of him being called up as a replacement at any time?


You would surely offer me 5/1, that is on the skinny side…

Fair enough, I will give you 5/1

How much of a stake are we talking

What would be your max payout? Do you want the bet in sterling? I wouldn’t mind being paid out in sterling, given the exchange rate…