Matchday 18 - versus GAM FC A Team

Monkey Allen

Again media black out continues. I see goals in that team tonight. Also can’t see us conceding.

Kick off is 7pm by the way.

This is the first of five cup finals. I’m ready for this.

The TFK dressing room is all abuzz, as we listen carefully, huddled around the tranny, awaiting news of GAM’s result. If only we had a radio.

Because in the early matches this evening Rocko[/USER] led his troops to a second 6-0 victory with a double hat-trick from up and coming star [USER=123]Monkey Allen, who has now bagged 15 goals in his last three and 12 in his last two games.

Bandage[/USER] with Cesc4 and [USER=6]briantinnion[/USER] in front are proving impenetrable. No one has got in the back door of that trio since [USER=15]ClarkeyCat.

Currently we’re top but the hush descends again, news is imminent…

Scrunchie - media silence FFS sake.

We won. No more comments. The time for talking is at the end of the season.