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Not so sure mate. Despite overwhelming evidence and pretty much 100% agreement in the scientific community, we have an American president who thinks climate change is a conspiracy made up by the Chinese. In Australia we have a government about to spend vast amounts of money from the Clean Energy fund on something called “Clean Coal” and “Carbon Capture”, fairytale processes made up by the coal industry, which is very very powerful here. Oh and our government is trying to build the worlds biggest coal mine with highly responsible and not at all totally corrupt Indian company Adani, right beside the Great Barrier Reef (which incidentally is completely fucked and won’t exist in 10 years time due to rising sea water temperatures).
Of course, we have no possible alternative means of energy in Australia where solar power couldn’t possibly work (yes I know it’s fucking raining in Sydney today). We’re about to spend billions on the myth that is clean coal, instead of investing billions into solar and wind storage, which would have been the bright and sensible thing to do.
So unfortunately, while there may be smaller numbers of knuckle draggers, unfortunately, we keep voting the fuckers in and giving them power.
(I realise you were probably pulling the piss with your post).

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Won’t you all be burnt out of that hell hole in 25 years or so?

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Carbon capture and storage is the only hope we have short term. Coal produces 40% of the worlds electricity and 40% of CO2 emissions. With hundreds of millions of new consumers of electricity in the next few decades, alternative energy hasn’t a notion of meeting that demand (unless there’s a massive breakthrough in nuclear fusion, unlikely in that timeframe). The technology is there for carbon capture and storage, people will have to pay (a lot) more for electricity to implement it. So far politicians have been unwilling to bite that particular bullet, and prefer to sign pretend legislation that does nothing concrete.

Do you really believe Trump “thinks” that . Trump is playing to his support base in the rust belt. He knows the score and so do them advising him.

Is this another subject you are an expert in?

Yes. The Nogra are here to educate pal, whether people choose to learn or not is up to them.

can you educate us on how to run a successful coup?


Probably, you’ll still be living in your hellhole though Harry.

Come home, pal. Things have changed.

He is a dab hand at sabbaticals.

Go on a sabbatical for a few months. Go on, try it.

I meant Tipperary mate

I live on an acre & a half of heaven, pal.

Global Warming in the guise it is currently pedalled in is a myth.


The simpleton doesn’t do sabbaticals, just hilarious rebrands.

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to the lent thread mate

Is that a promise?

He has the rage built up strong in you. In fact, you’re snugly tucked up in his pocket.

Harry, you have the ‘brown lung’ from being snugly tucked up his hole for so long.

I have no rage towards TSG, I’d miss him if he went.

#if you say so simpleton