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The last thread finished so this is the new one. Cuntinatracksuit, stay away you asswipe.


It was pissing it down cats and dogs in there this evening I got utterly saturated on the walk back to my car after the pints i had.


You should have drank plenty more pints pal. The effects wouldn’t have mattered so much then.


Where’s the best place for parking for a bit of Christmas shopping tomorrow? Was thinking of parking in that car park behind Barringtons and taking in the festive atmosphere by walking down the town from there. Might sink a few in The Locke on the way back to the car


To be honest I usually park near Raheen and get the bus in. Way easier unless you have a Mrs Batt as well, in which case you’ll need a feckin artic to bring the stuff with you. I have a handy place I spotted a while back and although you have to get there early, its safe and secure. Unfortunately its info I can’t and won’t be sharing pal. But park in Raheen and get the bus.


I usually park in the car park on Ellen Street across the road from Molly’s. Think its 1.50 per hour


I’ve a place in the city I’ve been leaving my car for years without a disc and never got a ticket, despite it’s in a ticket 2hr zone.

I can’t get my head around fellas parking in Raheen and getting a bus into town and back, and more fellas paying for parking. :smile:


You’d want your head examined to park in Raheen. Probably some lad who is afraid to attempt a bit of parallel parking on William Street


I’ve said it loads, the taxi rank opposite the side of Debenhams is the best spot in town, ive never had a ticket there,


You mean behind Debenhams? Around the corner from Burger King towards the park and turn left?


@Watchyourtoes already paid a heavy fine this year. A deserved one at that…


I hope backinatracksuit gets a massive fine. Actually is there a number you can report illegally parked cars?


He loves parking wardens sure they are only doing their job!!! :sunglasses:


I dont think anyone has ever been fined for illegal parking on parnell st.

Saw some ignorance driving past there tonight.


That fuckin Bingo man they take up the whole place after it finishes!


Would ye not just throw the car at the side of the road and put on the hazards like every other cunt in the city


Just at the side of Debenhams down as far as hook and ladder, there’s no taxi ever needs to park that far back in the daytime, they can manage withtheO’Connell street rank.


There were a lot of members of the travelling community around the city yesterday. I witnessed one traveller in a massive white jeep with UK reg plates hanging out the driver side window verbally abusing a woman of about 60 who was in her car in traffic and either almost tipped him as he was trying to pull out of his parking spot or else wouldn’t let him out. It was all very unsavoury anyway with this greased back haired thug lambasting and threatening this unfortunate lady over something trivial.


That’s their culture mate.


But how long could you stay on William St? I can safely park in Raheen, get the bus for less than a fiver and drink away for the day if I want to. I avoid traffic queues, hassle of cunts like Cuntinatracksuit parking where they want and get the warm bus back to my parking space. If I do need to go to town I take Mrs Batts car and park at the back of Johns St amongst the deplorables there.