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Used to be the Molyneaux Bar back in the day?

It will be interesting to see how it goes alright.


That’s exactly what I imagine Flan to consider a beautiful new bar, a bar that’s been washed.
Hope he doesn’t over stretch himself, he’s got one place going great guns for him more or less by accident. Although I can’t imagine it cost him much to rent that place.
Anyway he seems an alright sort, hope it works out.


Helicopter over the river again today. :disappointed_relieved:


It was out there at 8 this morning as well. Leader reporting someone was seen entering the water around 5am


He bought it for next to nothing during the recession.

I used to dj up in the main place a small bit back when I was in college. Got many the free carvery up there. His own place was up for sale for years around 2000-2004 but then it got popular again


Mary on the gravy train again…


Looks nice inside to be fair but a terrible name for a bar ‘The Milk Market Bar’ and dodgy location also of course.


It was out at 8 alright, grim sight as I was walking out my front door this morning could see it across the river, A woman apparently as well, very grim.


Palmerstown court apartments and watergate flats would surely produce a few regulars :grinning:

Honestly though who would’ve thought the round house would be a success as Mother Mac’s, Seen it open driving past over the last couple weeks. Best of luck to him, does look alright inside.


Very close to the art college too, although I’m not sure if students bother going to pubs these days


Yeah, they’re all across the road in Grove Island. But you couldnt rely on them anyway, funny how the length of one street makes such a difference to prospective clientale.

Could take from the Launch around the corner if its still open.



Surely an opportunity for a Korean restaurant in town.


This is a sad line from the report there
’in recent years, most pounds have stopped accepting greyhounds, many of which are surrendered at about six years of age, at the end of their racing career.’


Remember the priest that kicked the granny of the bus for singing?? …



People are mental


And the internet highlights this every single day.


I wholeheartedly agree with whoever sent that postcard. Media scum.