Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Thursday Friday and all day Sunday are very busy


That’s for shure


Yep. I’m not sure why Saturday is so quite but it always has been for many many years.


The Garden would take a few away on a Saturday night.


I haven’t been there in months either. Pallaskenry is busy too on a Saturday night as well.


Is there anyone here at all from a civilized part of the county where you don’t have to eat your food in the smell of pig slurry or cow shit?


You are a regular in fucking Costello’s ffs


Is that the place for crustys above by Tait’s clock? Was in there once, revolting


I was talking to a semi-posh city guy before who had been doing work in my neck of the woods. He asked was there anywhere in the town to get grub and I mentioned a local pub to him. He said he’d ate there once but it was too agricultural for him.


4 good drinking pubs there lad,jacks, the garden,Erics and Eddie Bourke.


In other words it smelled of cow shit.


You mean money


I haven’t been in Clancy’s in years heard bad reports, I like Eddie Burke’s tho and would call in for one on route to a funeral or if I was coming back from a swim. I hear it’s for sale?


Eddies kids have no interest in the pub.Hed sell at the right price I’d say if he got it.Hes rotten with money is Ed.Nice fella too.


Yeah but when your in somewhere with the family for a carvery you don’t say aaah would you smell the wealth in here.

You say, this place smells of shit. Load up the car again.

I’m speaking from experience inside in Morrisons on the ballysimon road, a cunt with shit up his wellys sitting at the bar looked like a statue he’d been there so long.

And that’s in town almost


A carvery?Are you on the dole or something.No wonder there was a roaster sitting at the bar in his wellies,That’s what you get when you go for a carvery.


Who has the time for a la carte on a Sunday. I’ve a 3 year old who has max 20 minutes grace time in a restaurant before it’s tore apart. Pre cooked, horsed back and away for slates


All this talk of pubs has gotten me thirsty. Time for a pint.


I’m already in the scratcher but I’ll dream dreams of a pint of Guinness tonight I’d say.


This thread has gone fierce roasterish overnight.