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The west limerick influence


The Kerry crowd.


I don’t think I’ll ever be able to drive to Ballybunion again without stopping for two carveries and a hape of porter along the way.


Don’t forget the hot chicken roll


And maybe a box of spicy wedges.

A rale circuit gastronomique, as the cheese-eaters would say.


Remind me again, you’re early 20s, you really do sound like a guy in his 70s most of the time


There are some cracking pubs in the area.

As much as we all enjoyed our nights there, the Coach was a shithole really. The last few years, they were relying on underage drinkers who couldn’t go anywhere else.

Slas is not a nice pub. De Bucket is fairly shite since Marty sold up. It was never the greatest but it was always nice to have a pint down by the river on a sunny evening. But Quinn just wants to do feed and fairly mediocre fare at that.

The Seven Sisters is a fine establishment, the Corner too; also a big fan of the Berry Garden. And Clancy’s is alright, certainly levels above the likes of Slas.


Slas is a dump


I was only every in Slatterys once that I can remember (about 6 years ago). Seemed like a decent spot and definitely had potential to be a very nice old style bar?

They’ve a fine job done on the beer garden in recent years. That would be our go-to spot when stopping on the road home from anywhere. Askeaton has an odd mix of pubs. Hallinans probably the best out and out boozer, but is a dive (which is good as it helps keep the busy bodies out). Cagneys has enjoyed a resurgence of late and the drink is excellent there. The top is on the wane, the pint of Guinness there is superb, but it’s a disaster of a layout.


It was run by a decent lad then but the auld cunt that owns it wouldn’t give him a break on the rent so he let it go.Hard to spend money on place when your only renting.


Same issue in the Top of The Town.
There was talks that might be closing too over rent issues but haven’t heard anything in a few months. @AppleCrumbled probably more likely to have the low down on that one.


That isn’t really true. He was simply outbid by the current tennants.



Where do the Pallas soccer lads go for a scoop after match now ??


You are wrong here. Slas is famous. The kerry team used to regularly drink in there back in 80s. There’d have been a que outside the door back then. The front bar in slas is one off if not the nicest bars you’ll find with the snug in the corner. The problem is the people who drink there now.


Is josh leaving ?


You told me the place was being levelled!


He was driving a nice BMW when I saw him a few weeks ago in NCW. Hed the suit and sunglasses on and it was fairly cold :rofl:


The coach not the top sorry I misread that.


I heard there was a major incident during the chelteham preview night :joy:


Ya? Well I wouldn’t be surprised in fairness.
Pity Josh doesn’t just buy the place out. He could make a serious job of it then. It’s a huge premises. Do a proper job on the front bar and it make it the main bar, forget about the lounge, or else just leave it for the pool table, and do up the function room upstairs for parties and events.