Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Must be worth a lot and a fierce handy income rent wise.


Clancy’s mostly.


I’ve never liked it at all. I wasn’t born in the 80s so maybe it was dacent then but I’ve always thought it was a miserable shithole, through various owners.

There are just much nicer bars in the area. Haven’t been to the Beer Garden in a good while but seems to be doing fine business.


Slas was by far and away the most prosperous. The original owner is still rotten with money from it. She’d be gone 20 years maybe. It has changed owners too many times alright but in terms of layout the front bar is spot on. The Beergarden was always a halfway house for lunatics between ballysteen/askeaton/kildimo/pallas and kilcornan. It was also a good horse racing pub. I’d imagine once the coach closed the regulars move there.


Did the Council get the knackers to lay the Tarmac in the city? It’s pretty shit by all accounts


I know. Lads raving about The Devon Inn and Leen’s being classy spots for dining :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Nobody said classy . More daycent .


I commented recently enough to someone about there always being plenty of cars parked at the beer garden. Apparently they all belong to the same fella from Ballysteen. He drives up every evening and gets a lift home, then drives a different car up the next evening, and so on…

I can remember the boss man from there standing on-course. The son continued it on for a few years afterwards.


He drives up every evening and gets a lift home, then drives a different car up the next evening, and so on…
:grin: He’s some buck alright.


Where would be it’s equal in Kilmallock @balbec? Because anywhere I’ve eaten around Kilmallock has been poor fare


The Bulge or deebert. We are all super cooks.


Saturday carvery around Limerick City lads, need something quick preferably just off motorway???


The highway I’d say or Russell’s is decent.


Good man, wasn’t sure were they still doing it on Saturday


Don’t hold me that but I’d very surprised if either weren’t or the place opposite the highway. The name escapes me at the moment.




Collins in Dooradoyle, a couple of minutes from the motorway, lovely grub, far better than the other suggestions


Grub is septic in Collins and the service is awful. Russels is miles ahead. I wouldn’t eat in either the highway or the unicorn but I know they do carverys.


Jaysus mate :grinning: I meant no slight there, I’ve found the food to be better from Collins and it’s handier from the motorway, the service is excellent, that was an unfair comment really


The highway and unicorn have been shit the couple of times I’ve eatin there.