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Address me by my proper title :joy: What a cunt.


There’s serious bad blood between them too, always a row between them at those meetings.


The same bitch who wrote a hatchet piece on @balbec’s mate the Priest :open_mouth:


The late Frank Hall and Frank Kelly would have had a field day with these two.

“You address me by my proper title, ya little bollix!” (copyright Bishop Len Brennan)


Maybe Kate O’Brien’s house will finally get a twist with a small fraction of the proceeds.


Good call pal, she was a great woman.


O brien owns a small yacht by all accounts and wants to be able access it from his house which is 100 yards from the pier.


Hearing not too good things about that fella that used to apparently ‘befriend’ the homeless and it caught up with him. Seems he was an utter cunt and the lad that killed him didn’t do it for no reason.




The lad in Windmill Lane I assume, it was mostly homeless who provided the eulogy’s on the Leader @Bartholemew_the_Ladd


Living in McGarry house isnt homeless pal.


Martin Clancy. The news came to me from someone working with down and outs and homeless in the city.


Limerick sisters make final of national modeling competition


Let’s be having it.


WTF they wouldn’t make the rough birds thread :anguished:


Ah Jaysus that’s awful, this has to be one of those things that Joe Duffy would be interested in whereby somebody is raking in a pile of cash from silly girls with notions
In all fairness it’s bad picture, they could be quite pretty but never model material


I’ve heard that Ned Kelly’s Bar in NCW is being taken over again. Competition is just getting started on Maiden Street…


Ned Kelly’s is a very appropriate name for a bar in NCW.


From what Ive been told, its the father of the lads that run Whelans bar that is taking Ned Kellys over. The father has 4 sons and only talks to 2 of them. Think 3 of them are involved in Whelans. He’s only doing it to rise em…


Ah he gets on well with Gearoid. When Gearoid originally took over the old Whelan’s, Pat opened up “Small Pats” 4 doors up. So there’s nothing in it really.