Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Absolute slop


Ha. This actually made me laugh out loud.


Got taken to De Bucket a few weeks ago. Only fabulous is what it was. We waited a little bit alright but the food was tasty, plentiful and piping hot. Batt and family approve.


Anyone know what this is about? Management out there seem to be a right shower of cunts.


It’s a Jp McManus spot batt. Surprised at you.


Winning lotto ticket sold in Whitty’s Caherdavin. Get in there lads.


Really? Or are you just ballhopping?




Lattes for everyone


Hilarious :roll_eyes:


Ah well. It was nice the once I was there.



He finished 7th of 12



First Paudie O’Brien and now this one, it doesn’t take much in Limerick


All does not seem as it should with this matter being brought up in the Senate last week. SIPTU at the heart of this. Probably a bigger shower of cunts you could hardly meet in terms of unions. Left them years ago and would rather have no union than to have to bow to the fuckers.


Arthurs Quay and the park are gone.
A shopping centre to rival the Crescent with Marks and Sparks onsite to replace it.
Hopefully parking and a cinema too.


The road behind Arthur’s Quay to go too.
Be interesting to see what way they divert traffic heading out to Corbally.
Probably make Patrick st a two way system.


What are you on about?


It’s being knocked. Arthur’s Quay, the road behind and the park.
all being dug up. And a massive shopping centre going in.
marks and sparks are signed up.