Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


As per that plan they put out a few years ago?


It’s just been approved and rubber stamped.
all systems go.


It’s amazing no one ever had a plan to build a huge shopping centre in that area before


They made some balls of Arthur’s Quay.
all the stalls are too big in there. and all empty.
you’ll probably have the taisce crowd and the history anoraks
out protesting it.


Building a big shopping centre is a waste of time. Bricks & Mortar Retail is in decline and will be dead in 10/15 years.


they will have a 2060 plan in place by then and
something new and shiny to look forward to.


Bullshit. 70% of retail trade in Limerick is tracksuits and tackies, paid in cash from social welfare or drug money. That will never go virtual.


They’ll have to find another tight, enclosed space to host Riverfest so. Maybe they could host it in the Outback in Nancy’s altogether.


Grand job. That park is the meeting place for knackers and degenerates anyway. No harm to bulldoze it.


Would it not be better to bulldoze the knackers and degenerates altogether?


they can’t catch the cunts in police cars going by all accounts. What hope does Bob the builder have in a bulldozer.


Why not just fully renovate Arthur’s Quay first and see how that goes. The days of planners recommending shopping centres in a city to combat shopping centres in the suburbs are gone. It’s all about getting people living in the city centre these days. Get the people in and the retail will look after itself.


They should build some nice apartments there.


This talk of Marks and Spencers coming in to save Limerick city centre has been going round for two decades.
At the moment, Marks and Spencer would be doing well to save themselves, which they seem to be doing by closing stores


and give them to the junkies like they did up around John Street


No pal.They’re enough young professionals working in limerick who should be able to afford a nice apartment in the city centre.At a reasonable price obviously.


you wouldn’t get them at a reasonable price down there pal. Waterfront. As soon as that goes on the development all logical pricing goes out the window. waterfront and views of King Johns… Forget about it.


Maybe the rubby museum should be built down there @gilgamboa ?


All the knocking shops have moved? They used to be up around Costelloes?
Passed the Commercial on Saturday. Pretty dead in there (while the Unicorn was black with an ABBA tibute band). Too many pubs in Limerick now?


Bank holidays are generally quiet enough in the city bar the May one. Especially in the good weather, the whole city decamps to Clare and Kerry