Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Plus you had a good wedge down in Cork for the match.

Haven’t been into The Commercial since it opened. I vaguely remember Daffy’s being an odd layout of a place, and an odd place in general. Would you get an alright pint in there?


Few different beers than usual bars and they did it up well. Nothing spectacular or anything but a grand spot all the same


I don’t drink at the moment, so couldn’t tell you…


I like the commercial, nice bar nice crowd, generally nicely busy, probablymy favourite bar in town at the moment


How would you define a nice crowd?


beards = nice crowd


Good question,
I suppose it’s an absolute lack of trouble makers, not hipsterish or overly alternative,
I’d usually know a few to see and pass the time of day with in there, similar if slightly younger crowd that you’d get in Tom Collins


Normal people, like.


Not the Wagonwheel / Rock Me Mama crowd.


That’s what I was trying to say alright


They are changing the plans for the Opera centre again. Some residential back in. While I agree with that, they just need to build something there at this stage. Nearly half the city centre has been out of action for a well over a decade now


it’s nearly 2030.
just be a little bit more patient.


And they’ll keep putting on “cultural” cringe fests to show Limerick has some bit of culture other than running around a field with a rugby ball.

You’re nothing in this town without cauliflower ears…


they focused on the area around Thomas Street which is nice. Sarsfield Street and Parnell Street are fucked. Discount Stores and bookies is all that’s on it.

I think they should focus the development off O’Connell Street rather than building from the waterfront up. Nobody will be landing in to the City where this proposed site is and they’ll have to walk through all the ghetto’s like Parnell Street etc to get down to this site.

A couple of nice routes down from Colbert Station into town would be nice. The streets around there now would fill tourists with dread


It’ll be called “CultureFest”, and yes, there will be a vans selling pulled pork baps and oriental street food.


This was uproar on here last year over van food in Limerick.


To be fair it sounds like they have taken some feedback from the last set of plans. I’d prefer if they took a bit of time now to get it right rather than squander a lot of money on something that isn’t fit for purpose, or bring the kind of value to the city that it was always intended to bring.

All I can see is the article in the Leader, are there any updated plans floating about? This new focus on the city “squares” in the proposal is interesting. They’ve latched onto the recent lack-of-concerts gripe in the city with it anyways.


Has there been anymore talk on that footbridge to the castle?


I didn’t get any Lobster Roll this year at RIVERFEST. I was devastated.


They nearly rioted over a few chips with gravy.