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I’d say that’s dead in the water


And curds mate,
That was a great weekend in the real world and on TFK, the place went into meltdown when somebody stuck up a fake picture of a lobster roll that looked like a McDonald’s hamburger with no filling


You’d need your head tested giving those
cunts in them ‘food’ vans any money. Pure robbery.
I had a walk around the park last year
and then unashamedly pulled out my home made sangers
and a flask of tae and a couple of queen cakes. the kids were only delighted.
there were lads waiting 30 mins for shitty burgers and the sweat pouring off them with kids
crying in their ear and wives giving them dirty scowls from the sidelines.


but served to you from lads with beards and tattoos , so they must have been good…


Don’t forget the nose piercings . Adds a few quid .


a fool and their money.
we had a grand picnic while all the clueless townies went home starving.


Food trucks are at the cutting edge of world cuisine mate, anybody buying a burger or a sausage roll would want to have a look at themselves but there was decent grub to be had from the trucks


I remember back in the day just after college when I used to go to Colbert Station to meet friends getting off the bus from Galway. It was a little habit of mine to watch their faces as they surveyed Limerick for the first time as we pulled away from there. Grim faced tinkers, manky chippers and a dilapidated whorehouse masquerading as a hotel. Good times.


Don’t be coming on here with your well thought out approach and clear, achievable and simplified alternatives.


They were probably stunned that there was no halting sites or multiple roundabouts
like they had back in Galway.
It’s never easy on poor country folk arriving into a city for the first time.


I had a feeling you’d be the first to reply, kid.


Your post was fine but you needed to make up another town
other than galway. Dublin or Cork would have worked much better.
Galway is a one street town surrounded by halting sites.


Yes you’re right. Limerick is a much more visibly pleasing town than Galway.


it was grim. I walked that route every day going to school in Sexton Street CBS. They’ve given the station itself a nice facade but the area itself is after getting even fucking grimmer.

What was the reaction on the faces? Horror, Fear, Hornballs would react with delight at seeing a whore house after a grueling bus journey from Galway


I remember the odd time getting the early train to Dublin midweek, and you’d arrive in to the station, and you’d hear that stupid slot machine in the corner, and maybe some fella might be passed out in the jacks, or one of the toilets would be overflowing with piss and shit and you’d see some fat bloke leaning up against a wall, safe in the knowledge he’ll never get sacked.
The grimmest station ever.


the twilight zone


You never had friends.


And the Tipp crowd get a bad name…


The upside down


Once in a while is fine.
not every day and to things like christenings and weddings.