Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Sssssshhhhhhhhh ffs sake.


Waterford have broken ground in a new beautiful retail/residential/cultural area. After about 6 months of consultation and planning, no doubt it’ll be another asset to the sunny south east.
Could the people that planned and executed this project move on to Limerick next and finally sort stuff out over there.


We haven’t sold our soul to the Arabs to get our city going. Before they know it there’ll be minarets on top of that new shopping centre blasting out morning prayer. Allah akblaa


Doubt the Caseys and the Keane’s would allow that to happen in Limerick.


sunny? Or Sunni South East


They’d strip the minarets of whatever material was going…



Who won the Kildimo v Iverus Rovers Desmond D1 Cup Final tonight ??




Kildimo on penalties.


Limerick has great potential, should be Ireland’s second city if developed properly. Has a proper river running through it and a proper airport nearby unlike the pretend versions of both in Cork. Should be twice the size it is.

For a start annex Shannon airport and Industrial estate as those “development” clowns out there haven’t a clue. When the M20 is finished, Shannon airport will be just over an hour from Cork and less than an hour from Galway. No reason it shouldn’t have 30% of the flights to Europe and 40% of transatlantic flights.

And that’s just a start.



The limerick lads would lose their religon if anyone tried to change the city. They bates all


Who are Iverus Rovers?


The galway lads are mad about limerick.
Of course they are right


Ballysteen in a previous incarnation .


What’s an Iverus?



Look familiar @Copper_pipe??? Who lives there now?




What would you know about it?


Sad to hear of the passing of Rathkeale’s Johnny Dinnage.

An annual trip to his clothes shop every August during national school years was a rite of passage. A nice man. RIP.


A gentleman from my small dealings with him years ago. A good community man