Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


I know West Limerick inside out kid


A decent sort , RIP .


If copper has no answers I’ll be back to you.


Send Vincent Browne a tweet. You’re in his territory. There’s a farm as you go in that’s Gearys but not sure if that’s it


I have no answers




Will you come down out of the trees with your binoculars before you’re arrested


I believe my peoples (Noonan) held land there once upon a time… I’ve never really looked into the mother’s side but her own Grandfather Charles Noonan was from Broadford Village… I couldnt find him in 1911 - then checked UK census and there he was in Wales working down the mines … He came home and worked in the Creamery in Drom… I presume to avoid conscription. I must get out that way some time. The grand mother is buried in Drom… Her brother and Father were caught in the great fire but got out.


You are going to great lengths to join the West Limerick Clique


Call down for the carnival :sweat_smile:


Flanagan has stirred something deep inside me … and not in a gay way.


You’d have a chance from what ive heard…




Palatines. Any more info? Are there many descendants still around Co Limerick? Hardly at this stage I’d say? I used to do a radio show for WLR102 and we were on the rural bus one time and got some great stories about the Palatines etc from a woman out past Pallaskenry. Very interesting, but it was a long time ago, and I’ve forgotten. Isn’t there some Limerick connection to a Methodist church in NYC? A plaque on the wall or something of one of its founders…


They are loads of palatine descendants around mate. There’s a shot of common West Limerick surnames that would have Palatine origin.


Loads of them around Limerick.


West Limerick and Kilfinane is where they went… There was a cunt up in Kilfinane, Silver Oliver, (he hunted down Staker Wallace) who brought them up around Kilfinane to ward off the defenders in the 1790s… he owned Castle Oliver.


Delmege Park in Moyross comes from a Palatine name and named after the big house/family across the tracks on the Meelick Road.


Thanks. A few of those surnames I’d recognise as common around Limerick but I didn’t know they were of Palatine origin. Hess, Ruttle, Shire especially…


Shine is another one.