Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


And take variations of those names - Wolf / Woulfe etc.


Bovinizer is the guy in Adare? The painter right?


I’d say a majority of West Limerick/mid Limerick people would have Palatine ancestry in some way shape or form if you go back far enough


Museum worth a look?


They say if you have viking blood you’ll find a red hair in your beard if you let it grow long enough. With palatine blood you’ll find a red pube … check your sack regularly

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What have you heard???


What does it matter a fuck.


All good here. My town halls have the “slap head” look… Comes in handy when you put jam on them for the next door neighbours blind dog… (only joking. Obviously. Totes)


Is that by the pet grooming place ‘doggy style’


Not too sure … i’d say it’s further on. It was burned down about 10 years ago by scumbags. Was a fine big old house


Just reading there — for sale for 40 million in 2007!! With Moyross as your back garden

(Castle Park) The original building was a residence of the O’Briens of Thomond. Wilson, writing in 1786 refers to Castle-Park as the seat of Mr. Smith. In 1789 it became Ormsby property and was named Blackland Castle. The home of William Maunsell in 1814. In 1833 it became the property of Christopher Delmege who rebuilt most of it. The Ordnance Survey Field Name Book describes it as “a splendid edifice 4 story high overlooking the Shannon and estimated at £2,000.” The house was valued at £55 in the early 1850s and Christopher Delmege held it from the Marquess of Lansdowne. It was the seat of James O’Grady Delmege in 1894. Occupied by James Lyons, Limerick city coroner in the late 20th century, the house was gutted by fire in 2001 and for sale in 2007 for 40 million euro (Irish Independent 20 Dec 2007). Caste Park remains derelict.


Here it was as I remember it … it was way bigger as the house was very deep.


We used to go onto the land for conkers — you had to keep an eye out for the birds taking off as you knew the dogs were out if they did and you had to get out of there pronto. Glue sniffing cunts burned it down


I would agree. I have no care in the world if someone is gay, straight, bi or Kardashian. He is a tough lad who is a good hurler, teak tough and a thoroughly nice young lad.




A lot of the Limerick based Palatines became Methodist and emigrated to the US to preach. Philip Embury was one of these early preachers and set up a branch of the Methodist church in the US. Probably him.


That’s the person I think. Used to pray at the rock in one of the golf courses in Adare? A lot of Methodist churches in Cornwall I think.


If lapsed poster @chocolatemouse was still around he could fill in a lot of gaps.
Indeed a story I was told years ago was that the Irish traveller infacuation with Rathkeale stems from the displacement of the locals when the Palatines settled there.


I think dna testing on travellers shows the split from general pop to be a bit older than that - possibly 16th century which would tie in with plantations and natives being driven from land… way earlier than Palatines anyway.

I think you are correct in that most of them fucked off - surrounded by Catholics why wouldnt they? They were still haunted from persecution on the continent - tho never received anything like that here. Similar enough story to the Huguenots.

Plenty of Palatines stayed on tho.


I noticed that Catholic churches in Cornwall seemed to few and far between, small, and not well kept. I wonder is there some link between Methodists fucking the Cafflicks off out of it down there


Anti Catholic sentiment was rife into mid 20th century. But pretty much died off after WW2… it just became anti Irish sentiment then