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Does Palatine blood explain the delusional insanity of Limerick and Wexford GAA supporters?


We are Limerick.

We are well versed in the art of war.


The art of capitulation and surrender you mean surely?


We held off the armies of Europe for two years and in the end reduced them to sign a peace treaty.


Can you imagine fleeing persecution in Germany in the 1700’s. A country just post reformation and renaissance and you end up in a mud wall cabin in Rathkeale :sweat_smile: Of course most of them fucked off.


And the locals raving on about Malachy and the likes and knocking lumps out of each other after drinking potin.


The last of the Irish cities to hold out you mean?


And not a decent beer to be seen or a bratwurst to be got


I was talking about hurling mate.



Tis the whest boys that lose the run of themselves around here


Limerick teenager in critical condition after falling 39 feet in Spanish resort
cc @TreatyStones @Julio_Geordio


Ya played minor with us, a few of our football team are out there with him. Terrible stuff.


Yeah terrible stuff alright.A next door neighbour of mine and another lad I know well died in Spain in the 00’s.One drowned a few minutes after arriving and the other lad fell off a balcony.


A major accident in Dromkeen. Multiple casualties apparently. Terrible.


Reports now saying two people dead.


Cant find anything online. Jaysus, what happened, apart from the obvious? :frowning:


A crash between an oiltruck and car apparently. Just on Thugby FM now.



Rory Kiely dead as well. Another career GAA politician gone from us.


Jesus. Brutal road. I hate driving on it, and luckily enough rarely have to.