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I drive it often enough for work. An awful road.


Bad road from boher all the way to cahir.

I see from the pics that the truck was from the local oilmen in old pallas


Elderly couple killed in ‘sudden and appalling’ collision between lorry and car in Limerick

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Reports are that it was a head on collision. Not being ageist but I wonder did something happen to the driver? Either way, RIP to them both.


Husband and wife visiting from UK killed in Limerick crash


Lets not forget the poor lad driving the truck as well. His mind will probably trouble him no matter what the cause was.




There have been a fair few serious accidents involving lorries along that particular stretch near Dromkeen over the years. Used be no speed limit and cars would bomb it through the cross in both directions with some deceptively bad bends lying ahead. If I may speculate wildly, this sounds like, and looks like from the photos, that something may have happened to the car driver that led to the crash.


I heard from someone earlier that the driver was over taking a tractor when he then ploughed into the truck. Looking at the pictures it seems to be where the straight ends there and at the bend as you turn from Limerick side into the village. You’d always have people passing there before the bend and fellas can whiz at speed round the bend in the other direction coming from Pallas green side. As far as I remember there are broken lines there right up to close to the bend, giving you permission to pass, despite the long straight preceding it and the guy in front of you might be tipping along well and there is not a lot of road left before you reach the bend. I suppose in this case though the elderly man didn’t put enough zip into his car as he overtook the tractor before the bend, looks like a misjudgement. A very tragic way to go for him and his wife on holidays in another country.


I’ve seen a lot of risky manoeuvres at the spot you mention. There is a long straight stretch leading up to it coming up from Boher, but it is undulating so it’s hard to know if anything is coming against you, hidden in a dip. Lads get frustrated and go for it as it flattens out coming into Dromkeen.


that entire road from Ballysimon out is lethal. People see a long straight road, and go for it, I’ve seen lads overtaking multiple cars, the dips give you a false sense of proximity. The cars coming against you are always travelling faster than you think.


As well as that, on this road, you have cars going 100 - 120 km, then they come upon a tractor crawling along, and they pull a rally of the lakes manoeuvre to get past.
You have articulated trucks then haring along that road, a lot of them over the speed limit too, and maybe guys who might be unfamiliar with the road. Add in tourists in rented cars or camper vans going slow. It’s a disaster of a road.
Some of the crap you see truck drivers doing is lethal too on these roads.
I had a guy once on the old Limerick to Dublin road up my backside. I was bang on the speed limit just to make him slow down. He overtook somewhere after Nenagh and all oncoming traffic had to pull in. Was probably trying to make the ferry or something. Who knows. You see trucks swerving into the hard shoulder too, and when you pass, it’s some bloke on his f*cking phone…


You’ll get a few PMs after this :astonished:


Should have proof read… He was driving up my arse no less!!




Another crash out Dromkeen direction according to the Leader




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