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Yep, it’s the finest in fairness


I counted 12 different people there. At over €200/week as well as the benefits they get, these cunts are creaming it from the rest of us idiots. What was needed there was a battalion of Gardaí with batons drawn. Then whale it into the worthless bastards.


Cornstore and Curragower. The chef in the Curragower was taught by the head chef in The Cornstore. Byrnes is blue shirt paradise, frequented by the likes of Noonan and that type of set. Batts money will never ring in their till.


Ideology should never get in the way of a good feed.


Curragower is over rated. You could be 40 minutes getting served there at lunch time and the place would be half empty. Everything is deep fried shite.


Noonan drinks in South’s when in town,


I hate it, but the chowder is very very good.


Anyone try that new place the Bedford? Limerick Travel’s old office.


Is that not just a hotel ?


Are you talking about The Buttery?


Every fucking pub seems to have won some kind of an “ award “ for “ their” chowder .


It’s like underage Camogie, there’s a trophy for everyone


The Curragowl.


Spotted it yesterday but it didn’t appear to be open, a lot of people hanging around the entrance, nice signage makes it look the part


Limerick Travel appear to be the owners/investors in it. There’ll be twelve rooms there as well. A “townhouse” they’re calling it


Ya, a guest house and cafe. It appears that one half of that building has been unused for decades.


The Curragower is a fine and noble spot, you meet a great clientele in there too on Munster match days


Correct. Its opening today. Guy that runs lmk travel is an aquantaince. Lot of money spent in the place.


Wouldn’t know anything about being there on Muuunster rubby match days pal. But I like it for an early evening sup and a bit of grub as a treat for myself and Mrs Batt.


I’ve heard they’ve gone and put their prices right up? 18 euro for a burger and chip?