Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


No idea pal. Mrs Batt takes care of the finances, I just earn it. I made a bollix of a bank loan application back in the day, I agreed to an obscene loan rate, and she took over the finances after that. Suits me too. I usually have a fish course anyway and if I remember the last time I was there, that was over 20 smackers. With the top notch chowder, it was glorious if a little expensive. Several pints of creamy afterwards made for a fine evening.


So you’re on here giving it the hard man with principles Billy Big Bollox act and you’ve to ask your wife for money out of her purse every time you want to spend a few bob? I’m fucking mortified for you :eek:


No need to be mortified for me at all pal, I’m happy with it and so is Mrs Batt. I’m very much my own man, you need have no fear.


You’re your own man?! :laughing: “Can I have a fiver for another pint please love?”

No wonder you can’t stand JP and his likes, well and truly his own boss who doesn’t have to go cap in hand to anyone.


Ah Jesus :joy:


Fair play, pal. It’s about having the maturity to recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses rather than following some outdated gender stereotypes.


Thinly veiled “My life partner has me firmly under her thumb”


Mrs Batt has the pint in front of me without asking. Its how things work in my house. Your opinion on the matter is of no consequence to me. As for the other cunt rallying behind you…:roll_eyes:


I know fuck all about the clientele in Bobby Byrne’s but the grub is top notch.


It’s just locals mostly mate, salt of the earth, between the abortion jam, imaginary FG bars and anywhere with a loose connection to JP our pal will be boycotting half of limerick


Yeah he has a chip on the shoulder about everything and anyone because his missus tells him what to do and when to do it. A very very weak individual by the sounds of it



The bookies in Patrickswell robbed at 6.30 yesterday, three raiders. :open_mouth:


You boys are lining the pockets early ahead of the semi final. Smart move.

Far better than the gaelic footballer who was caught robbing a house for beer money the morning of a county final he was due to play in :popcorn:



A monstrosity

Up yer bollix tax dodger and Pinergy ambassador


Great work from An Taisce here.


Ah, I dont expect us to win here at all… it’s the other side fighting back now threatening to pull out and not create jobs etc.


Correspondence to Limerick Fianna Fáil TD Niall Collins revealed that An Bord Pleánala claimed that it “would not be possible to determine the case within the statuary objective period due to further consideration of the case. The Board now intends to determine the appeal before September 12 next”.

Thinly veiled “we are on our summer holidays” by An Bord Pleanala.


Has anybody had dealings with the councilor John Loftus, he’s in the paper non stop and strikes me as a really tiresome cunt