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It was.
I doubt you would repeat in print though.


Remind me…



What happened in the end? They had to pay some scobe a few quid to get them back?


We should do a ranking on the most bonkers councillors in Limerick.

Frankie would be battling it with John Loftus and some other weirdos.


Cian Prendiville.


Didn’t hear that they got them back


with his megaphone. Will they be going to the gig against pollution in Dolans?


James Heffernan would be up there.


And of course Anthony Kelly


box office


John Gilligan (not that one) is probably the best of them!


Malachy McCreesh would be more or less the best regarded round our area.

The palatine fellow is another tulip


Frankie Daly is some fucking ape in fairness. A thicker cunt you really wouldnt meet.

For Labour to fuck him out says a lot.


@Robert_Emmet Frankie would have been in Mary I around the same time as you would he not? Bit of a simpleton


I was at a council meeting once and Frankie didn’t turn up.

The rest of the loons were even laughing about his absence.

An awful simpleton I’d say.


Finishing up when I was starting yeah


Crusty types are generally an unbelievable pain in the hole. Hardly an exception to that rule at all.


Great profile pic !


Found it here. A jewel of the Limerick countryside.