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Sure everyone of UL’s own student villages do the same.


You could actually buy yourself an apartment in Mount Kenneth for that.


If you’d a kid going to college at those rents you’d be as well off buying a shit box in Elm Park for the four years and selling it after


Was in the Curragower on Saturday for a while, and they stock Pure Brew, a non alcho Guinness product. Have to say it was lovely, and way nice than the non alcho Becks and Erdinger. I haven’t tried the non alcho Heineken yet.
I was in the Thatch on Friday and got a lovely pint of Guinness. Nice little spot that pub.


That’s what a lot of people do I believe. My cousin did it anyway and he mentioned that it’s a common enough thing to do.


I heard that a few landlords in College Court would require a deposit of 700 Euro for the year. I’m not suprised :rofl:


It would make sense, free accomodation for the chisler plus say €20k a year from the other rooms to pay off the mortgage with a bit of profit to spare, and they’d hardly wreck it with your own in it (you’d hope), which is the biggest danger. Even if you only broke even on selling it afterwards you’d still be well ahead


Our landlord in college court kept our deposit once upon a time, actually came looking for more the cunt.


What would a house in elm park cost?


A few of us called over to College Court one night of rag week for a few cans before heading in to town. One of the lads leaned up against the wall in the kitchen and fell through it and left a hole after 3ft wide. Had to go to B&Q they next day for slabs to fix it up :joy:


You’d hear stories of the support timbers being taken from the walls and roofs, floors and burned as firewood. You’d want to be very careful buying a house out there.


pre celtic tiger ?


I suppose, but students are students.


A large house on O Connell avenue recently fetched over 1m and is being used to house a student from UL, one student


A chinese student?


I don’t know the full story but what I said is true


Did you look in the window to see who is living there?


That was @AppleCrumbleds mate with his postal drug business


Anybody know a dry cleaners that do a suit in a day in town?