Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Have you grass stains on the knees that you need removed? :grinning:


No a yaegar bomb straight down the back?


Tom Garry up in Roxboro is your man.


You’d think he’d get it back to me Thursday morning?


Jaysus don’t tell me they got the beige suit?


Get in to him early in the morning and he’ll have it for you tomorrow evening if you tell him that you need it in a hurry.


I’ve four suits but I want to wear this one on Friday.


Thanks Elvis safe travels on Sunday and enjoy the game.


Actually, now that we’re on the suit topic, anyone recommend someone that does alterations in the city?

I’ve a couple of suits that could do with being taken in as I’m a thinner man than I used to be.


Sew & sew


Where are they?


Wickham street, have been there for years


I only dropped in a suit to be dry cleaned this morning, to Early Bird in Dooradoyle which is down and across from the Hi Way.

Always been fairly prompt in my dealings with them.


Lots of limerick lads up in court this week it seems.


They’ve never learned that you don’t go meddling with suits in late July / early August


Seems too early for a fresh round of Willie Clancy public urination cases


We have an all-ireland semi final coming up boys


They are based in Adare. Well that’s surprising :sweat_smile:


I brought the small lady to the park in the Manor Fields last Saturday and saw this cricket match going on below at the bottom of the playing pitches. Very very surreal stuff to be looking at. There was absolutely nobody down there watching it bar the two teams. There were young lads pucking around in the GAA goals next to it and their sliotar was being retrieved from the cricket playing area every few minutes.


Were they Irish lads? There’s a lot of Asian lads out in UL who’d play it on weekends, though when I was going for a stroll through Malahide park recently, they were all Irish young fellas playing it.