Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Most of the team are Indian, Pakistanis etc and landed gentry, and possibly wannabe landed gentry who are most likely in the Clonshire horsey yolk, and go to black tie balls…


Are you dating a midget or have you a daughter? if it’s the latter I may have to change my suspicions of who you are —


A mix, there was a fair few Pakistani and Indian looking chaps alright


I have a daughter mate. She’s the centre of my universe.


That’s lovely, pal… I might have to upgrade you to staff member rather than student of our old haunt…


No mate, I was never a staff member, just a run of the mill student


I’ll have to believe you but you said you came after me I think … but you know too much of what went before me also … you’re a slippery cunt!


I suppose I just know things, information has a way of finding its way to me. I’m like Littlefinger in Game of Thrones I suppose.


More like Littlecock from the Internet.


Oh nicely done mate :wink:

Ye getting O’Sheas bus up to Croker for the game or still on the blacklist after ye’re antics enroute to Carlow recently?


Been in the Manor Fields a few times and there was lads there training a few times. I know CBS in town has a lot of lads that play as they are Afganistanis in the main. It was funny I recently enough had reason to visit it and I looked into my old 2nd class room to see a heap of Middle eastern women studying English. The principle in the primary school is from Doon so I expect a heap of Middle eastern type lads playing hurling for Limerick in 20 years


No Pyro, No Party




I’m told the floor of the bus had to be replaced, ye scuts ye. Or at least that’s what he told ye anyway for a handy few quid :wink:


You’ve PULSE filled with useless shit like broken wing mirrors and plywood floor on buses, would you ever go and do some proper police work you useless cunt.






O’Shea charges a Ballysteen premium to bring us anywhere, damages are assumed and priced in


Makes that item I shared all the more believable now


Gorse fire at Knockfierna