Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


You’ll see fuck all from it now


At least it’ll burn off all of the dig shit.


If he didn’t pull pin after the trip to the munster final in 2014 he never will…


Slow news day at Leader HQ


I hear Nickie is opening a pub up in Effin.


Co-owner as per that Ned Rea article at the weekend. Is he not still teaching?


Think so.


Nickie took a job in Patrickswell for next year, he’s done the rounds for the past few,


My sister-in-law did the Hibernia with him, said he’s dead on. Takes a few years to get something permanent at the same time.



Great to see top-class facilities being added to the Banner portfolio


Has that not been open a while?


Lines look v confusing even though different colours


Yeah you’d be cross eyed looking and making out what lines are for what code.

Still - nit picking here. Some facilities in there now. All the better for future Limerick teams if they are availing of it.

Fair play to UL it’s some campus in there now, that new library is something else too.


Limerick GAA don’t use UL facilities any more I’d say?? Few bills unpaid last year I think?


It should be renamed to the University of Clarick.


Like every sports hall in the country, remarkable how you can usually only see the ones that are relevant to the game you’re playing


We have a great working relationship that benefits both counties.


Maguires is on the Limerick side


Great to see these facilities in the heart of Castletroy City in the Limerick Megalopolis.

Soccer football fields are tiny.