Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


try playing right full and being told to overlap all day



You shouldn’t really play any sport on a full stomach.





Is it not where the other all-weathers are?


Back in my day (early to mid 90s) Maguires was down towards the running track


Yerra that’s a lifetime ago


No it’s in behind the main hurling pitch up beside the Ul sports, very close to where troy studios are now. It’s actually some waste of money, a pure vanity project. They can build all the new buildings an d all the astro pitches they want but you’d still never send your young lad there if you h ad the choice


Fuck back to West Clare you fucking simpleton and keep your hairy gorilla hands off of Limerick and our University


North Clare pal. If ye could educate or mind yourselves we wouldn’t be needed. If the in-fighting and the illiteracy on display this week is anything to go by ye would destroy yourselves without us.


Raylan is from North Clare … delete that before he reads it.


Can someone ban/delete my profile please. I don’t want to be part of the nastiness that runs throughout this site.


Set up a thread, the mods take notice of New Threads.


Have you tried shoving your finger up it pal??



A long Tyne to be away .



Police harassment.


€80 is worth it for the temporary buzz you’d get .


What did they do you for the time you were awkward with the cops this year?


The article doesn’t seem to suggest he/she was stopped so Im guessing once he/she sees the above link they know they were caught :sweat_smile: