Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Nothing but I was stationary and didn’t use any “choice” gestures or language


no, but you can try if you want, I hear you like that kind of thing, especially around changing rooms and park toilets


Both chaps charged today with the gun under a ditch are goosed.

No harm either…great work @Breaking_my_balls


Why wouldn’t you send your child there? Campus is unreal these days.
You prefer Limerick Senior ?


UL is outside of the top 500 Universities in the world.


McNulty is going to bring the tourists to Glin.

Also, John Sheahan is a candidate for people who look slow/roaster threads


McNulty seems to have enjoyed his retirement


McNulty lives in Glin now does he? Or just bought a holiday home back there? In Glin :laughing:


He married the Knight of Glins daughter.
He lives in a Castle


Adams of Glin…Adams of Glin…


Have ye seen him as Fred West? Great performance


I’d imagine that’s where living in Glin was a real asset to him.


He has Prima Nocta rights down there. Probably a curse rather than a blessing.


Pig bastards


Isn’t Sheahan the local blueshirt hack? A thundering bollix from my experience.


Long read here but decent


Welcome to 3 days ago.


It took me that long to read it.


As slow as the Cork full back line