Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Is she putting a big flag up on it?


I heard she made a post on Facebook about starting Dowling for the final and got made shite of for commenting online about the final and its driven her demented.


@TreatyStones hope you are ok hun? Xoxox


Is she threatening to jump off it?


I heard she surrendered


cc @ciarancareyshurlingarmy




“Seanie” on this sounds like a cross between Tom Ryan and Pat Shortt. Pretty funny at the same time.



I remember when Ballyfin used to pay to win this yoke :smile:


That’s unreal.

Limerick is truly box office.


The place to be…


It’s amazing how recently opened high end irish hotels have dominated this competition


…for souptakers. Needless to say neither Batt or attached family would darken the door of the place. Maybe I would if I could walk the dogs and get them to shit on the 18th tee.


Arah, ti’s a joke at this stage.

Tried making a bit of small talk about the game below in the Crescent and your man more or less shut up the shop. Only for an ambitious young Cork fella they’d have lost the sale of the jean.

As for flags and banners, I may as well be in Detroit.


And they waiting months to get rid of those wranglers


Commander @balbec got to him


I can have you sorted within twenty minutes so shut your gob.


You’re flat out keeping them in line, you poor cunt.


You must be dizzy from all those swings and misses…