Matters regarding Limerick, Limerick pubs, Limerick hills, plenty culture please


Dim view taken from the powers that be that Mungret were promoting this to happen at a spectator paying event…especially when the county board werent getting a cut


The Bankers. An unreal spot


A Che Guevara poster in the Bankers !


Where is the Bankers?


Up from the White House :sunglasses:. I suspect that where Tass is . The bankers gone a few years !


The Bank??

Che had a session in the white house


They were in mungret one of the nights anyway. The Dow dueted with Nathan Carter


Limerick is proper


Proper pubs


I’m so happy to be here


Pallasgreen is a proper Limerick town


I see ye are losing yer post office (or is it one that’s closed already?) @ciarancareyshurlingarmy seems a strange move given plans for the area


I dont know the background, it was a surprise to us.
A very handy place to use for the addrespal service.



And one for the diary



Didn’t know the man personally but I would know the wife alright. Someone has a guilty conscience this morning unless its someone that is already on a boat.


Fucking hell, that is just desperate. Awful.


The McCarthy Cup is in Raheen Pharmacy tomorrow, Tuesday from 4-5:30pm for any of ye South Siders that haven’t got your photo with it yet.


In the Dows place?