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It was in Cian Lynch’s place on Saturday

Any news of the cup going to the schools?
Security Guard Spike will be run off his feet.


Where is Cian working now? He’s gone from Spar since start of the year.


Full time hurler


He has a handly number on the spaghetti machine in Pallas Foods


I heard a large multi national, who were by all accounts fairly generous to the county board, were looking for the trophy for an hour the other day only to be told schools and clubs were getting priority. Fair enough you’d think, until the trophy spends two hours in a Spar down the road :smiley:


In his house? I see no problem with this at all. I remember well in '73 the cup was in my grandmothers house and I have the photos to show for it. Probably alone amongst national cups, this will be seen under many roofs but not in a pub this time apparently.


No, the shop on Fr Russell Road.


That’s John Fitzgerald’s shop. John hurled with Claughaun and won a minor AI in 1984.

HIs sons Stephen and Conor both hurled (Conor in the 2014 minor All-Ireland final). Stephen now plays rugger for Munster.


Conor plays rugby for Connacht now. How did older lad evan I think? End up out hurling in clare?


It’s an awful dump


Conor was a decent hurler, although by all accounts was always better at rugby.

Still a loss to Claughaun who haven’t been bringing a whole pile of players through.


Sure it’s been in load of pubs already


They played in clare.



Your wan from Fair City?


Limerick is box office.


Tom’s an alright sort actually, for a blueshirt


It was great to see Tom and Jenny in Citywest last month celebrating after the A-I.

A fine looking woman. Happiness and health to them both.


Tom seems sound for Fiana Gael fella


I had her in the celeb spotting thread from before the game. She was wearing a dress v similar to the one in that photo on her way to the game