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One of our own


A red one???



Tom reminds of a fella who had no interest in farming but was stuck on it because he’s the eldest and he didn’t want to let the father down. I’d say he’d love to be doing something else. Supposedly he fancies himself as an actor, he definitely fancies himself as a man about town anyway


I’d say there’s a massive rivalry between himself and emmet.


He’s a lad who has flip flopped between a few different careers.


A short red cocktail style dress. She stood out from the crowd


I think she did a few nudie spreads back in the day for magazines


I’ll bet she did.


You could have added political life to the farming there.


Here it is in fact

Check out @JennyleeDixon’s Tweet:


You can see the bauld Tom in the reflection taking the photo


The film reels in those days were like explosives apparently. In the early days of cinema it must have been one of the most dangerous things you could do.




:sweat_smile: a bit overdressed for an AIF alright


She could have had at least thrown on a bit of Limerick colour


Fashion over function mate


In fairness to her if she had matching eyes she’d be a fine looking woman.


Is Tom the fella that the people of Limerick voted onto the county council, only for him to fuck off to Australia to go boozing and picking fruit? That’s the kind of politician this country needs alright.


Hello old friend.