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How’s my pal. Great to see you back. May you slay all your enemies.


To be honest any person under 35 who goes in to politics must be a bit odd .


The only way shed recognise a hurley is if you nailed a mirror to the boss


I’ve never met that lad but I’ve met Dan Sr a few times and he’s a grand auld skin.


My point is that young people should live a bit before seeking elective office .


You’re a very subtle man.


Not necessarily.

Well paid gig and if you get your foot in the door can end up holding the seat for the next 40 years (if a parent or relative has served before you all the better), with a huge pension waiting for you on the other side.

Worse ways to be in fairness.


Are there groupies who go after politicians? I remember some horsey one telling me about the groupies who’d follow jockies around trying to get laid. Who would have thought that narky short men with small man’s disorder would have groupies… :slight_smile:


Did you see the social media post from the Fun Day ? :grin:


I only saw it today. He won’t be happy over that.




He was wringing out his t-shirt apparently


An awful looking thing.


Which one of ye did it?


Who dat?




the actress from fair city who is marrying the Neville chap


Is that wan in fair City


I don’t watch it but had it on last night while ahhhamm. She isn’t bad man. A rough jewell as they say in tallagh.


She’s horrific …