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Stick up a few pictures of your Mrs there and we’ll have a good look at her. People sticking up private photos of a local councilors girlfriend is beyond creepy.


What sicko is sticking up private pictures? That’s outrageous carry on.


Thank God @codegreen took down his post, it was abhorrent. Possibly the worst thing ever posted on here.


Good man Ambrose, I was reading through the thread to see if anyone would say it and if not I was going to. We need family politicians like him alright. I’m struggling to come up with one singular thing that this clown could be singled out for that would make you want to vote for him in the first place. I’m surprised at the numbers of people, especially here, who happily stand for this shit.


How many matches does Tom go to and wasn’t his attendance at the final in a corporate box? These cunts are there for the photo op and fuck all else.


Interesting avatar mate :popcorn:


Sky put him up.Nice of him not to take tickets away “genuine” fans who were going all year


Sky should have put a genuine fan in there then. But these fuckers leech again and as I say, were there only for the photos.

Until Tom was elected to Daddies seat, he hand’t actually worked in the country at all. Great, eh?


They love the oul dynasties down in Limerick. The Collins’s, The Neville’s, the Collopys, the Dundons.


The Quaids



“Hundreds of jobs could be created as a result of the plan, by the new owners of the land, investment fund Novelty ICAV which acquired the site from Capital Assets.”

A joke shop


The biggest eyesore in Ireland .


How could you forget the Lord McManus clan?


Huh? What area of natural beauty is it obstructing or detracting from?


It doesn’t need to be. It looks horrendous rusting away on a large site for a decade.


Ireland’s worst though?


Limericks anyway!



I fundamentally disagree with ICAVs.

Another way for funds and developers to avoid tax and another loophole that should be closed.

As ever the oirish will say “but but but they’re going to provide jobs” and let these chancers have their cake and eat it.


In the same way that they defend the actions of the various tax avoiders that inhabit parts of the country during their 183 days of Oirish citizenship every year.