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Rumours abound that there has been an arrest of a 21 year old for the hit and run in Ballingarry. Any confirmation of this @dodgy_keeper?


120 days


That little now is it? For fucks sake its a joke.


Biggest joke of all is their ‘Cinderella’ clause. These non residents can rock up to their nearest airport ( handy for PJ, near Shannon), stamp their Bahamas passport at 11:55pm, go airside, slip back in after 12:00am, and the job is oxo, they’ve left good old Ireland for a day.
Best little country in the world to do business.


There were rumours that they had someone brought in for it last Tuesday night but nothing official yet. So many stories going around it’s hard to know what to believe. Just desperately sad, poor man was apparently minding his own business when the car mounted the footpath and hit him.

The Guards have looked at cameras from local businesses but unless the person(s) have a conscience it’s very much a needle in a haystack job. Neighbours were woken up such was the impact of the collision. :disappointed_relieved:


A kick in the face to anyone working for a living.


Very sad alright. As I said earlier I wouldn’t have known him as such but knew the missus and as it happens, one of the daughters. Very sad state of affairs.


I see we are class at Darts now as well :clap::clap::clap:


Sporting Limerick has finally delivered


How much funding did he get? Money doesn’t put the arrow in the treble.


I saw her there. Poor girl can’t afford much clothing


A lad in his 30s dropped dead back at the astro in kilcornan yesterday evening playing ball. Absolutely shocking. Rip.


Ya I heard that. Played soccer with him a few times. Very nice guy.


A sound fella, was over our team when I was U-14, played alongside him a few years later. Shocking news.


I hear he only got engaged at the weekend too. Very sad. Life can be cruel :frowning:


Is there a Limerick weirdos thread? I actually thought this was one of those handsmaids tale type protests when I turned the page first.


All Limerick school girls wear long skirts/ dresses… They are not sluts like the Cork/Dublin/Waterford/Tipperary/Galway set


Bizarre carry on.


Where is princess from


There’s actually an odd quote from one of those girls along the lines of “My brothers were all watching movies but i was too busy studying, now I can relax and watch the movies too”.

  1. What were you doing all summer?
  2. You absolutely cannot relax missy, you are facing into your leaving certificate. A far more difficult and important exam.